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In Finland during weekdays, lunch is served between 11:00-14:00, normally price is less than 10€ /per person, but can vary between 8 and12 euros.  In Norway the price is normally twice as high. 
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The price for accommodation for the entire journey will be around 310€ or less per person. 
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It  depends on your car setup.  I calculate frequently my 2CV6 MPG (litres/km), here are the latest MPG numbers after last five fuel filling. Litres / 100 km 7,12 – 6,29 – 6, 53 – 5,90 – 5,91. See more 

We cannot say exact kilometers, because participants are free to choose their own pitstops and  most likely do pick at least some detours of their own. Planned route will be a rough guideline, with organized stops the length of this raid is estimated to be about 3500 km (2175 miles).

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