R4AD News – R4AD uutisia

  • Raid 4 Arctic Ducks
    In the winter of 2018, 31 little french cars, calles 2cv’s, went on a trip to the North Cape and back home. This became an unforgattable journey, illustrated by these pictures. Thanks for Alain Descamps. Copyright Alain [...]
  • Overseas update - Raid 4 Arctic Ducks
    Hello all. Hope you all survived the snow and ice we have had of late. I saw temperatures of -26 on the Raid 4 Arctic Ducks (R4AD). I’m still getting the insulation out of my 2CV so have not [...]
  • Raid 4 Arctic Ducks – Feedback
    We asked you questions and this is how you answered.  If you did not send us your feedback earlier we still wish you could do it. It will help us working with possible future events.  [...]
  • R4AD Klassikot lehdessä
    Klassikot on tuore ja ennakkoluuloton aikakauslehti suomalaisille autoharrastajille. Lehti keskittyy 1950-1980-lukujen autoihin, joilla on kiinnostava tarina ja jotka ovat oman aikakautensa klassikkoja. Klassikot lehti oli Raid 4 Arctic Ducks yhteiskumppani ja julkaisi 4-sivuisen artikkelin raidista. [...]
  • R4AD Erikoissanomissa
    Mikkelissä ilmestyvä Erikoissanomat julkaisu artikkelin Arktisesta raidista.  
  • Karsten Schreibers´s radio interview in SR3 (Saarländischer Rundfunk 3) – Karstenin haastattelu SR3 radiokanvalla Saksassa.   
  • Dear R4AD friends!  Many of you back home already, some still continuing their adventure… No matter where you are, the organising team would love to hear your feedback.  It’ll help with organising (possible) future events.  [...]
  • Almost all raid participants are now back home – Lähes kaikki raidin osallistujat ovat jo päässeet takaisin kotiin.
  • 2CV Cold Start

    How 2CV Motor start running in -27° with Full Synthetic Mobil 1 Motor Oil – Kylmäkäynnistys -27 asteen pakkasessa sunteettisellä 0W-40 moottoriöljyllä. […]

  • Back to Finland – R4AD – Takaisin Suomeen!

    Dashboard camera and iPhone videos from route back to the Finland. – Kojelautakamera kuvaa ja kännykkäkuvaa paluumatkasta Suomeen. […]

  • Road to Nordkapp
    This video is from road to the Nordkapp. Special thanks to Tim about excellent Timelapse video. Tällä videolla matkataa ylös Nordkappiin. Erikoiskiitokset Timille videon keskiosan timelapse videosta.
  • degustation r4ad
    Tuesday afternoon we had degustation and before start everyone can tell what food they bring. Tiistai iltapäivän degustationissa eli maistelussa päästii maistamaan osallistujien tuomia oman maansa erikoisuuksia.
  • Potkurikisa Jounin kaupalla
    We had kick sled competition in parking place of Jounin kauppa (Äkäslompolo). Special Thank for Jounin kauppa and Team Sportia. Pidimme putkurikissan Jounin kaupan parkkipaikalla Äkäslompolossa, erityiskiitokset Jounin kaupalle ja Team Sportialle!  
  • Here is first short dashboard cam video. Driving from Joensuu to Haaparanta on Sunday 4.2.2018  
  • You can find ducks live tracking to clicking next buttons.  If tracking page ask to login, please close the window. Then open it again using these link buttons again.  
  • R4AD Changing tires
    Many of the R4AD guests coming from abroad had they first stop at Routemaster Henkka Castrens Teippari courtyard, where their vehicles got new sets of tires, high quality  Continental  Nordic friction  ones – the best available winter tires [...]
  • Arktiset ankat muuttaa pohjoiseen

    On third of February a group of 31 freezing ducks start their journey from Helsinki towards Nord Cape. In this group there are nine members of Finnish 2CV Guild with their co-drivers and 22 vehicles from around central Europe. Most of who come from a country where driving along snowy or icy roads is not possible every year not to mention every day. […]

  • GPS-server.net -offers us raiders GPS-monitoring service. The service  allows tracking our voitures real time  on a map. Use of this service requires that you install an Apple or Android device tracking application that sends the location as [...]
  • Let’s check things out:  I’m sure everyone has read carefully and followed Tips and Hints on Preparing 2CV for Arctic Raid, so your car should be in very good condition and ready for this raid: [...]
  • Welcome to Finland!
    Some of you may have visited Finland before,  but not necessarily at wintertime and not in the rural areas.   Here another factsheet – this time about rules of the road, wildlife etc.  Right-hand traffic. [...]
  • Photo: Fernando García
    Here you can find a pre-order form for food and some other services. It is very important to fill it by 20.1.2018, so we are able to place our orders in time with correct numbers. [...]
  • Aurora Borealis by Kimmo Mäkiranta
    Dear Raiders,  The year 2017 is coming to an end, festive season is still on – and we have already bypassed winter solstice, which means we are heading towards  longer days with light.  In northern [...]
  • R4AD pukeutuminen - Clothing
    It’s time to give you some useful information about clothing during R4AD. You have plenty of time to replenish your wardrobe, so check out if there’s anything you might need. You have to keep in [...]
  • R4AD accommocations

    We know everyone has waited anxiously to know more raid details – especially prices – and we are happy to be able to provide at least some already.  Some of these are not final information, but close enough. There are some tiny details we need to finalise. […]

  • Leppäjärvi
    This is the last call to order tyres for Raid now!  All participants should notice that “All season” tyres are very slippery in our really icy roads, so it´s really not recommended. All season tyres [...]
  • Dear participants of the  Raid for Arctic Ducks, Here in Finland after a very rainy summer we ’ve had  a very rainy autumn.  The weather has not been too cold  – yet  – still Lapland [...]
  • Raid 4 Arctic Ducks

    Life can sometimes be complicated to say the least and for various reasons some groups had to cancel their entry. As not all of those ”extras”  we picked up earlier this year, were not able to join the Raid  either, now is YOUR chance to join! […]

  • R4AD Wheel Set

    The Finnish 2CV Guild offers for the participants of R4AD […]

  • These Tips and Hint is based on The Raid Laponie Organising Committee [version 24.11.2003] You can download original PDF-file from here. These winter preparations for 2CV are based on long experience of use of 2CV in [...]
  • Raid 4 Arctic Ducks

    The registration for R4AD has ended and as there were quite a lot of interested parties (76 to be exact) the organizing team were forced to narrow the participating teams down to 30 vehicles. […]

  • more heat to 2cv

    Used since the 80´s during Finnish winter driving conditions in daily basis over 1 000 000 km in my family. Multiple Raid Laponie test trips have been done. […]

  • If you have any questions about Raid 4 Arctic Ducks, you can find answers here. Or you can ask your own questions. […]

  • Finnish 2 CV Guild will organize a very special raid next year 2018 called Raid for Arctic Ducks. The target of this “R4AD” is to reach the northernmost part reachable by car in Europe – North Cape – Nordkapp. […]