• more heat to 2cv

    Used since the 80´s during Finnish winter driving conditions in daily basis over 1 000 000 km in my family. Multiple Raid Laponie test trips have been done. […]

  • Raid 4 Arctic Ducks

    The registration for R4AD has ended and as there were quite a lot of interested parties (76 to be exact) the organizing team were forced to narrow the participating teams down to 30 vehicles. […]

  • If you have any questions about Raid 4 Arctic Ducks, you can find answers here. Or you can ask your own questions. […]

  • Finnish 2 CV Guild will organize a very special raid next year 2018 called Raid for Arctic Ducks. The target of this “R4AD” is to reach the northernmost part reachable by car in Europe – North Cape – Nordkapp. […]