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    This topic is for English discussion of Raid 4 Arctic Ducks.

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    Do you need co-driver, you can ask if here is some one to “other seat”?


    Sign-in invoices are now sent via Finnish 2cv Guild Holvi account. Invoice must be paid before 21. July to confirm your registration.


    There is some changes in participants list. Lines marked as green color is paid entry fee and they are confirmed registration.

    Participants – Raid 4 Arctic Ducks – Osanottajat


    Hi I’m Tim Van Samang from Belgium,

    Are there people from the organisation who will attend the world meeting in Portugal?
    We will be there in our brown dyane with a yellow roof.


    Are there people from the organisation who will attend the world meeting in Portugal?
    We will be there in our brown dyane with a yellow roof.

    Hello Tim,

    our route master (Henkka Castrén) and mascot artist (Esa Lehtineva) is coming to world meeting. But both are coming with airplane.


    Robert Josserand approached us with a question in Facebook: Among the Raid participants, why there are no French teams accepted?

    The organizing team has selected a few members who act as assistants during the raid event. All the rest participants coming from abroad have been selected by lottery i.e. we wrote all the names down to pieces of paper, put the papers into a hat and picked each team randomly. So, a little luck was needed to have your name among the participants. Among the winners there actually are two teams that had informed France as their country of origin.


    i am Mario from Austria and we looking happy foreward to meet all in Helsinki.
    Now, after i payed the entrance fee, i think about winter tires.

    I can get some 20-30years old Michelin 135 without Spikes but thats to old for rubbers i think.
    So my plan:
    i will drive to Helsinki with Maxxis 135/80 R15 73T AP2 All Season
    and in Helsinki changes the tires to some with Spikes. But i not know if it is possible to rent for the duration of the raid or not?

    If not, what of kind of Tires use the scandinavian 2cv-drivers?



    Now, after i payed the entrance fee, i think about winter tires.

    Hello Mario,
    It is quite difficult to find good winter tires with spike. If you want tires with spike, I think that best could be to buy new Michelin 135 with spike holes and then try to find old “heavy” spikes.

    I drive with New test winner, Continental Conti Viking Contact 6 in size 145/65 R15. This are very comfort to drive and traction is also very good. Much better than my old used Michelin with spikes.

    This Continental is with “Nordic” rub, so its softer than normal Europe version.

    Organization team will offer these tires to buy or rent. I think we get our offer ready to publish in next week.

    If you find right size of tires with spike, please tell us.


    I only found ICE GUARD IG35 145/65R15 T with spikes.
    But for 10€ more you get the 135R15 72Q TL Michelin X89 M+S, with hohles for spikes.

    Available on

    I have no Prob to buy the Michelin, but i think this Tires are old development and you or some others use tires with much more grip.
    I not need the winter tires after this Raid, so it is for me the best Option with the Maxxis and after rent the Tires in Helsinki.

    Without Spikes is it possible with your Tires to drive saftey on Ice?!
    Sorry for this maybe stupid Question, but in the East of Austria we afraid if some Snowflake are fall down and kill them with 1kg salt per cm²… 😉




    This Yokohama Ice Guard is new for me. I can’t find it last winter. I think it could be better than old type Michelin with spikes.

    I have these Continental without spikes and no problem last winter many kind of weather. Will see what is my driver choice.


    Hi all.
    Second vote for Continental. I have been driving now 6 winters with Xantia and Continental ContiWinter 4 and 6-generation tires and no problem. Please notice that Xantia is big and heavy car compared to 2cv so why 2cv would not keep on the road with similiar but more narrow tires? There is no ESP in Xantia either..

    With 2cv I have older generation Continental friction tires and I´m really happy and impressed those too. Before that I had Michelin XAS friction tires and especially on wet road I don´t like those.
    When I was young and fabulous I was driving thousands of KMs with old Nokian Hakkapeliitta 125×15″ and Michelin 135×15″ spike tires. This last mentioned I don´t personally find as a winter tyre or summer tyre without spikes, it is rubbish but that´s my opinnion. Nokian Hakkapeliitta 125 is my personal favourite for ice track but unfortunately that tyre is nowadays most likely really old and hard and after that it looses its first layer of rubber its not the same tyre again. On the top surface it has special “suction cup” and that´s atleast as important as the spikes on that tyre model.

    [B] [color color=blue]Dyane -68, Dyane Super -73, 2cv6 -77, 2cv Super -71, 2cv6 AK XXXL -76 [/color][/B]


    There some changes in participants list after some cancellations, check

    Participants – Raid 4 Arctic Ducks – Osanottajat


    Green lines are confirmed and made payment participant fee. I wait few bank days, and then there is more free place on list.

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