What is Finnish 2CV Guild?

The Finnish 2CV Guild was founded in 1962. It’s the biggest and oldest car club of Finland, it consists on all kinds of 2CV enthusiasts and it aims at taking care of all varieties of 2CV cars.

Right from the start,  since the day the club was formed (11th of September, 1962) the guild has followed a protocol the founding meeting created and approved.  Once a year members hear this protocol at Guilds official meeting ”Möötti”.  Even today the regulations of the club are based on said protocol.

At early ages the number of members  ranged from 200 to 300 and the focus of the activity was on southern parts of Finland. When 2CV4 entered the market in 1970 the number of members increased considerably, soon being over one thousand.  Operations expanded across the country and annual meeting of 1975 decided it’s time to officially register the Guild.  By that time there were over 1500 members in the guild.  The number of members was  as its highest – near 2000 in late 70’s and early 80’s. After that for natural reasons, the number  of members began to decline and by the end of 1990 there were about 1100 members. In recent years the number of members has remained very stable and even today there are about 1200 members.

There are very active subdivisions that  organise various kinds of meetings from early May to late September. There’s something 2CV-related happening nearly every weekend.   You’re able to find meetings with socialising, playing, competitions,  small raids – even learning how to repair and maintain your 2CV.  Not to mention winter raids – the most recent one being Raid for Arctic Ducks (R4AD) in February 2018.

Finnish 2CV community is famous for its active approach. The first ever international 2CV meeting was organised in Finland in 1975 at Pistohiekka, Puumala.  Finland was also the scene for the 10th meeting,  which took place in Nurmes in 1993. Every international meeting always has a lot of participants from Finland.

The guild publishes a club magazine called Nyytiset, six issues per year and can be found from the internet www.2cv.fi and also in Facebook.

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