Leppäjärvi today morning. Leppäjärvi is small place in Finland near Norge border. The road goes to Kautokeino. Photo: Kelikamerat.info (Copyright: Liikennevirasto 11/2017)

This is the last call to order tyres for Raid now! 

All participants should notice that “All season” tyres are very slippery in our really icy roads, so it´s really not recommended. All season tyres are not useful for nordic roads. Your need good Nordic type friction tyres. 

The Finnish 2CV Guild offers for the participants of R4AD as follows:

Set of tyres: studdles Friction ContiVikingContact 6 145/65R15 72T with  all new powder-coated Burton rims  not to mention the  wheel  nuts, which or course come with the package.  All assembled, balanced and ready for use. For the record, this tyre is the test winner of 2017 and many other years of the Tekniikan Maailma magazine. This is the only friction tyre with Nordic compound on the market suitable for 2CV.

Selling price for this special set is 550€

If your choice was to rent the set, the renting price is 150€/set plus you pay a refundable security deposit of 100€ which you get back when after the raid you return undamaged set of tyres.

When making the decision, please keep in mind that the friction tyres offered for Central-European winter conditions won’t work when used in cold conditions of the North.

The set will be delivered to Helsinki when (and where) the R4AD starts in February 2018.

Time period of ordering is ended. If you still need tyre sets, please contact via email.
Contact details is here.