R4AD pukeutuminen - Clothing

It’s time to give you some useful information about clothing during R4AD. You have plenty of time to replenish your wardrobe, so check out if there’s anything you might need.

You have to keep in mind that the weather may vary a lot and yet our dear vehicles are not that large at size so it is very important to choose carefully the set you take with you. We gladly help you, if you choose to make some purchases while here in Finland, which might be a good idea, too.

In southern parts of Finland we don’t always have that much snow and the temperature has recently varied between plus 5 to minus 10 degrees Celsius. When moving further north there is usually much more snow and the weather is somewhat colder, too, temperature around minus 15 degrees Celsius. At times the temperature may even reach minus 40 C or so. This is not very common, and yet it’s possible. So, changes in temperature, sometimes harsh wind, rain, snowing, even some sunshine, too – You need to be prepared for all kinds of weather. And layering is the key word here. Layers – easy to put on and take off, when needed.

  • First of all, choose underwear that is comfortable and warm. Good quality thermal underwear might be the best choice – it’ll keep you warm and dry.
  • Feet: Warm and comfortable shoes are a must. Layering is important here, too, as you have to have warm socks with you. So when buying shoes, try those on with a pair of wool socks, so you can be sure, your able to add some more layers if needed.
  • Winter coat and trousers, both windproof and at least somewhat waterproof, comfortable for outdoor life – thick enough to keep you warm and thin enough for you to feel comfortable wearing it inside a car while driving.
  • Under the coat another layer may be needed, so make sure to have a sweater, pullover or fleece with you, too.
  • And of course you need to have very warm hat (wooly or even fur hat), winter cloves or mittens, a warm scarf to cover your neck. For these items – make it double, as these are the items most likely to get wet.
  • Perhaps you want to have a blanket or two with you inside your 2CV for extra warmth.
  • A raincoat and waterproof shoes may be needed, as it may rain, too

Other than that, all you need is comfortable clothing for two weeks.

Feel free to ask, if you need more information.

Best wishes from the Organising Team