Photo: Flickr / Crispy.

Let’s check things out: 

I’m sure everyone has read carefully and followed Tips and Hints on Preparing 2CV for Arctic Raid, so your car should be in very good condition and ready for this raid:

  • spark plugs, cables, breaker points and condenser changed/checked
  • engine oil suitable for freezing cold weather
  • a big fully loaded battery (the water level of the battery and the condition of battery leads checked)  
  • starter motor works fine
  • lightbulbs – beam setting checked, too 
  • interior light in working condition
  • windscreen washer (electric washer recommended)  reservoir filled with proper antifreeze additive!! 
  • winter tyres sorted
  • breaks in perfect condition and balanced
  • engine oil thermometer fitted
  • insulation done
  • locks cleaned and greased

Other things that comes to mind: 

  • Insurance,  travel insurance?  Yours is valid everywhere in Europe? 
  • Clothing? you have enough warm layers with you. Hats and socks included. 
  • Some spare parts? The organising team will bring a reasonable amount of spare parts, too, but since you know what your car needs in special, you have what it needs with you. 
  • Extra fuel, brake fluid and engine oil – it’s good idea to have these with you always.
  • Medicament?  If you need certain medicament, you have enough for approximately 10 days (or more if your journey takes longer than that) and you have the prescriptions with you, too. 
  • First-aid kit? Should be inside every car anyway. 
  • Chargers? Enough of them for your phone and other appliances.  (Adapter, if needed)
  • CB-radio? If you have one, it is always a plus, as it may come very handy during the raid
  • A shovel. You never know when you might need it, when travelling  in a land of ice and snow.  
  • Tow rope (just in case)
  • A flashlight 
  • Starting cables
  • copies of your passport and other documents in case you might loose originals one way or another
  • in your phone you have ICE = phone number to a relative you want to be contacted In Case of Emergency

Do not load your 2CV too heavily in the back!  

In Finland the currency used is Euro, so most of you won’t need to change any money.  Visa and Mastercards work here fine.  In both Sweden and Norway they use crowns, but you probably don’t have to change any crowns beforehand, unless you wish to do so of course. 

And last but not least:  

  • Your local specialty (which hopefully lasts the few days trip in variable conditions of the north)  for dégustation table
  • something ”exotic”  for the enough drink 

The organising team