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 NEWSLETTER Nº 1 /2017 

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22nd World Meeting of 2CV Friends 

500 CARS from 19 COUNTRIES REGISTERED the 01/01/2017 

In comparison with other previous 2CVs World Meetings, this number does not constitute any record at this time, but it is an interesting number for Portugal. What distinguishes us from previous World Meetings is that when a person makes his registration, all their data enters immediately the MATRIX and you are then given your definitive participant number for the 2CV World Meeting. 


Not included on the registration form, we would like to know, if you are al-ready registered, where will you stay overnight: 
At EriceiraCamping? Yes? In tent? Motor home? Trailer? Bungalow? Teepee? On your 2CV? Another vehicle? 
Outside? Hotel? In Local Accommodation? Private house? Other? 

Please do not hesitate to contact 2cvportugal2017@gmail.com in case you need help for this purpose. For reasons of logistics, we also need you to answer us, with BREVITY to the questions formulated in 1 and 2. 

31st May 2017 

It is the date to be memorized, the deadline that makes ALL the difference: 
On 31/05 the pre-register finishes, which entitles to 3 very important BENEFITS: 

  • Pay less to register for the 22 WORLD MEETING of 2CV FRIENDS
  • Freely participate in the “2CV Portugal Tour” with its “2CV PASSPORT” from 15 to 25 of July.
  • Enter the enclosure through the North Gate of the EriceiraCamping from the 8am on the 25/07, with the sticker of par-ticipant number duly pasted on the top right corner of the windscreen of your car. 


  1. Who wants PARTICIPATE with several cars, must reg-ister them all, because the 2CVs World Meetings regis-trations are made per car and not per person.
  2. The allocation and placement of the participants BRACELETS is according to the maximum capacity of the vehicle registered and it is made in the Reception by 2CV Staff, always face-to-face.
  3. WEEKEND REGISTRATION – Not being planned from the beginning, there is now the possibility to register for the 22nd WORLD 2CV only to participate on the 29 and 30/07, the car can enter the enclosure from the 8am of the 29. The registration fee is 50 €, 57.5 €, 65 € and 100 €, according to the make and model of the vehicle. If you register until the 05/31/2017, you will have a 5€ discount.
  4. VISITOR– for those who do not wish to or cannot participate by registration, you can visit the 2CV World Meeting on foot, between the 9am and the 12am every day, with the placement of a bracelet, different each day, upon payment of € 10 per day, at the Reception of the EriceiraCamping. The visitor is prevented, for ex-ample, to participate in the Trade Fair as a salesman, in Demonstration of PopCross, or in the 2CV Elegance competitions.
  5. REGISTRATION of a 2CV or derived, if its owner uses:
  6. A camping car and a trailer for the 2CV: the price to pay is the price of the 2CV, if the camping car stays static on the camping all the time, and the trailer is kept in a specific and monitored park outside.
  7. A vehicle and a trailer for the 2CV: the one who pays is the 2CV, if the trailer stays stored in outside parks guarded and reserved for this purpose.
  8. The 2CV and the other vehicle: both need to be registered.
  9. Next to the Reception of the EriceiraCamping Park there is Parking for Disabled Persons.
  10. BOOKING of AREAS for GRUPS are not ac-cepted. If you want to stay with other partici-pants you must enter the North Gate together and check in together. 

2CV Portugal Tour – from 15 to 25 July 2017 

Restricted to the pre-registered. All the pre-registered until the 31st of May of 2017 will receive in June a Sticker with number of their car that must be glued on the inside of their windscreen, the “2CV Passport” and the Map of Portugal, where the 36 adherent Cities are marked. In each one the place where the passport can be stamped will be noted. (City Hall, Tourism Office, Camping, etc). 

The Passports are collected at arrival at Ericeira and those that have more stamps will be awarded. 

Rules of the “2CV Tour”: 

1 – The “Tour” takes place between the 15th and the 25th of July 2017, with 2CVs and other vehicles, carri-ers of the numbered sticker of 2CV World Meeting. The participants can collect stamps between these two dates, but they are not obliged to participate every day, being able to only make it in last the 2 days, for exam-ple. 

2 – The participants do not have any obligation in what concerns the path. They visit the cities they want in the North, Center or South. 

3 – They are not timed, they can stay the time they de-sire in the cities and villages they desire. 

4 – Each one chooses his route, beginning wherever and whenever you wish and moving to the next whichever and whenever you want. 

Whatever the direction chosen, on all routes, you will find cities adhering to the “Tour”. You will be able to receive in-formation of any discounts in hotels, camping or restoration. 

Any questions or issues, please feel free to contact us via email: voltaportugal2CV2017@hotmail.com 

RAID 2CV RTH PORTUGAL 2017. From 15 to 28 July 2017 

The RTH organization (Racing Team Havas) of France, is responsible for this initiative adhering to the 22nd World 2CV and has been preparing the Raid, limited to 55 cars. Its board has already been several times in Portugal whether for rails recognition or to the gastronomic breaks at the end of each stage. 

Mangualde will be: – the place where the vehicles and trailers carrying the 2CV will be stored, at the Shipyard of the Municipality. 

– 14/07 afternoon and 15/07 morning – Technical Checks – Largo do Rossio. 

– 15/07 – 12pm – City Hall, Great Hall. Reception to participants by Mr President, João Azevedo. 

-1pm-Brunch offered to participants, sponsored by the Cheese Factory “Vale da Estrela” be-longing to Dr. Jorge Coelho. 

– 3pm – Official departure of the Raid. The prologue on the 15/07, will give the first classification. 

Then the Raid will travel the country from North to South. In the region of Portalegre, the end of the stage will be in Castelo de Vide. The end will be at 6pm of the 28/07, Friday, with reception and display of the cars at “Praça Citroën Lusitania”, followed by dinner and awards show on the stage. 

Program of the 22nd World Meeting of 2CV Friends 

Approved in General Assembly of A2CVP2017 the program has what is vulgar in these events and some original ac-tivities and news, from the outset the distinction with a day of difference, if you have made the pre-registration, or not, the functioning of the original North Gate and the Avenue that gives you access to it. Individual photo of each while going through the Porch. 

Competitions of Elegance original 2CV, 27th Anniversary of the Last 2CV on the 27/07, 50 Years of the Dyane. Com-petitions of 2CV Mechanics. The Square “Citroën Lusitania”, with its charm, “Fado”, “Cante Alentejano”, very good music, and its unique sunset. High-quality Food For the first time in the history of the World Meetings there are 2CV specials: On the 27th Cod, on the 28th Sardines and on the 29th Bifanas. Ball. 


The enthusiasm is created! 3 countries represented (Portugal, Spain and France), in a show of 25 vehicles ready to demonstrate the his-tory of 2CVCROSS that in the 70’s instilled the spirit of the competi-tion in population in general, accessible to all. 

As a result of the agreement recently held at Retromobile Paris with members of the 2CVCROSS Association of France, it will be the demonstration of 3 2CVCROSS Nations. 

The world of 2CV Lovers and the general population, will have the opportunity to watch in the days 28 and 29 July an international demonstration on a track set up for this purpose, at 1.400 meters of the epicenter of the World Meeting, specifically near the beach of Ri-beira D’Ilhas. 

If you have the ambition to participate with your 2CVCROSS, sign up through: 


Parking lot in front of the EriceiraCamping 

With a total area of 210 000 m2, large Automobile parking space across the EN 247, right next to the beach for: 

Participants, visitors, guests, journalists, 2CV staff, com-mercial vehicles of traders, vehicles of service and vehi-cles to assist the RTH Raid and PopCross. Impound lot of trailers of participants and PopCross, on the other side of EN. 

2CV MUSEUM from 15 to 31/07-Park of Santa Marta, Sala Antlântico -ERICEIRA 

Originally planned for the “Palácio Nacional de Mafra”, the location was changed to the “PARQUE DE SANTA MARTA, SALA ATLÂNTICO”, in the Centre of ERICEIRA by gathering better conditions and better logistics. The noblest vehicles, paintings, books, miniatures, etc., will be on display in the “Sala Atlântico”, the other vehicles will stay in the Outside Yard. Free for participants with brace-let. Limited entries, for security reasons. 

2CV PARADE. 30th July, 10 am 

Ride in group ERICEIRA-MAFRA. Restricted. Quotas for countries according to the number of registered. Partici-pation of Citroën with the new C3 vehicles. Registration on the Mill and by mail. Itinerary provided by Road Book for secondary roads. Support of the GNR and the Motorcycle Club of Ericeira. Free parking ensured in Mafra. Visit to the Palácio Nacional de Mafra. 


Route between the South of Ericeira, EriceiraCamping, Ribeira D´Ilhas and vice versa. 
MAFRENSE organizes daily tours by Bus to Sintra, Cascais and Lisbon with symbolic prices with bracelet. Inscriptions in the Mill. 
HELICOPTER trips to Lisbon 
Information in the Mill. 


22.º Encontro Mundial do 2cv em Portugal 2017 
Associação 2CV Portugal 2017 
Rua D. João V, n.º 24 – 1.03 | 1250-091 Lisboa 
NIF: 510 638 244