Raid 4 Arctic Ducks
Raid 4 Arctic Ducks

More nice pictures from R4AD


In the winter of 2018, 31 little french cars, calles 2cv’s, went on a trip to the North Cape and back home. This became an unforgattable journey, illustrated by these pictures. Thanks for Alain Descamps. Copyright Alain […]

Raid 4 Arctic Ducks – Feedback
Raid 4 Arctic Ducks

Raid 4 Arctic Ducks feedback


We asked you questions and this is how you answered.  If you did not send us your feedback earlier we still wish you could do it. It will help us working with possible future events.  […]

Raid 4 Arctic Ducks

Everything ready for the winter adventure R4AD?


Let’s check things out:  I’m sure everyone has read carefully and followed Tips and Hints on Preparing 2CV for Arctic Raid, so your car should be in very good condition and ready for this raid: […]

R4AD pukeutuminen - Clothing
Raid 4 Arctic Ducks

IMPORTANT – Some Tips for Clothing During R4AD


It’s time to give you some useful information about clothing during R4AD. You have plenty of time to replenish your wardrobe, so check out if there’s anything you might need. You have to keep in […]

Raid 4 Arctic Ducks
Raid 4 Arctic Ducks

Due to cancellations there are a couple of places left!


Life can sometimes be complicated to say the least and for various reasons some groups had to cancel their entry. As not all of those ”extras”  we picked up earlier this year, were not able to join the Raid  either, now is YOUR chance to join! […]

Raid 4 Arctic Ducks

Ready for Arctic Raid?


Finnish 2 CV Guild will organize a very special raid next year 2018 called Raid for Arctic Ducks. The target of this “R4AD” is to reach the northernmost part reachable by car in Europe – North Cape – Nordkapp. […]