Arktiset ankat muuttaa pohjoiseen
Raid 4 Arctic Ducks

Arctic Ducks on a move towards the north – complete madness or a way of life?


On third of February a group of 31 freezing ducks start their journey from Helsinki towards Nord Cape. In this group there are nine members of Finnish 2CV Guild with their co-drivers and 22 vehicles from around central Europe. Most of who come from a country where driving along snowy or icy roads is not possible every year not to mention every day. […]

Raid 4 Arctic Ducks

GPS Tracking on Raid 4 Arctic Ducks

27.1.2018 -offers us raiders GPS-monitoring service. The service  allows tracking our voitures real time  on a map. Use of this service requires that you install an Apple or Android device tracking application that sends the location as […]

Aurora Borealis by Kimmo Mäkiranta
Raid 4 Arctic Ducks

Happy New Year with Aurora Borealis


Dear Raiders,  The year 2017 is coming to an end, festive season is still on – and we have already bypassed winter solstice, which means we are heading towards  longer days with light.  In northern […]

Raid 4 Arctic Ducks
Raid 4 Arctic Ducks

Due to cancellations there are a couple of places left!


Life can sometimes be complicated to say the least and for various reasons some groups had to cancel their entry. As not all of those ”extras”  we picked up earlier this year, were not able to join the Raid  either, now is YOUR chance to join! […]


Tips and Hints on Preparing 2cv for Arctic Raid


These Tips and Hint is based on The Raid Laponie Organising Committee [version 24.11.2003] You can download original PDF-file from here. These winter preparations for 2CV are based on long experience of use of 2CV in […]