Queen of the Snows – vauhdilla rättärin perässä

40 mph on a frozen lake in Sweden : a 2 CV

Photo: Hasselrot (Citroen 3 B 1)

Like a huge snowball, the sun glows in a pale sky; this frozen Lake is covered with a crisp blanket of snow; which, with a background of dark pine trees, paints a wintry scene in black and white. The stage is set for the 2 CV to indulge in winter sports.

In Sweden they ”water ski” on the snow: at 40 mph on the frozen lakes, a 4 X 4, 2 CV pulls the skiers around the Lake. Only because it has 4 driving wheels and an even weight distribution and assisted by the exceptional adherence of its low pressure tyres is the 2 CV able to venture where no other car would dare.

Photo: Hasselrot (Citroen 3 B 2)

Photographic report by Pehr Hasselrot on the lake of Fittja, near Stockholm.

Lähde: Le DOUBLE CHEVRON N° 3 (1965)