Arktiset ankat muuttaa pohjoiseen
Raid 4 Arctic Ducks

Arctic Ducks on a move towards the north – complete madness or a way of life?


On third of February a group of 31 freezing ducks start their journey from Helsinki towards Nord Cape. In this group there are nine members of Finnish 2CV Guild with their co-drivers and 22 vehicles from around central Europe. Most of who come from a country where driving along snowy or icy roads is not possible every year not to mention every day. […]

Raid 4 Arctic Ducks

GPS Tracking on Raid 4 Arctic Ducks

27.1.2018 -offers us raiders GPS-monitoring service. The service  allows tracking our voitures real time  on a map. Use of this service requires that you install an Apple or Android device tracking application that sends the location as […]