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> Aerial map of Sätkälä

> Preliminary program day-by-day

> Bon Appetit - Hyvää ruokahalua

We will offer a versatile meeting program to fit our "back to roots" theme.

The "official" opening of the meeting will be on Wednesday 18th July. An Information booklet will be handed to all the participants at arrival containing all the necessary information at least in Finnish and English.

Invitation to "Degustaatiosäpinät"
On Thursday 19th July we will arrange a degustation of food and drinks from different parts of Europe and the world. If you want to participate, please bring some small samples of delicacies of your area for other 2cv friends to taste. There will be a large covered space for this event. You should take care of your stand yourself. Unfortunately we cannot offer any refrigerators or electricity so take this into account when choosing the products. You do not need to register for the happening, just come with your stuff at the time given in the information leaflet of the meeting.

Open Day for Visitors 21th July.
We do not let visitors into our campgrounds, but on Saturday, we will arrange a big public event at Sulkava Rowing Stadium. There may be stars from the Rally World present with a little help from the importer of Citroën in Finland (Auto-Bon Oy). Also the flea market will be running there that day and some funny competitions and the 2cv Beauty Contest will be taking place there. More details later.

- The "Sätkälän Säpinä Cup" will be arranged including different funny competitions. We are planning games between countries so you can already think of forming national teams.

- FingerPori Night Ride "2CV-YÖ-ST" will take participants to an interesting route that should be found in the night time which is far from darkness. Planned time; Fri 20th July, 22:00-02:00.

- The "2CV Beauty Contest" will be a traditional part of the meeting.

Mosquito catching competition
This area is NOT so famous of many mosquitos, but of course these little friends can be find anywhere and the density differs according to weather conditions earlier in the summer. Anyhow, after our "mosquito catching competition" there will be even less of them.

We are planning games between countries so you can already think of forming national teams.

- There will be musical performances on the forest stage every night. We try to limit the volume at a comfortable level. Saturday night will be dedicated to "2CV-Blues" with 4 root music bands.

- Bring your own acoustic instruments. We plan to arrange the "Worlds Biggest 2CV Fireplace Band" and sing and play well-known tunes together. Also a jamsession is planned.

- On Friday 20th July we will celebrate the 50th Birthday of Finnish 2CV Guild.

Invitation for "Sätkävision" 2CV Song Contest
You are invited to participate in the international "Sätkävision 2CV Song Contest". The rules are very loose: you can compose a new song or modify an existing melodyand lyrics. Perform it yourself or with your friends or accompanied by the "Frozen Duck" houseband. Max. duration 4 minutes. The sound system, microphones and basic band instruments will be available. The international jury will be chosen from the listeners. Contact

- The daily "Ajajakokous" (drivers' meeting) will be held at around 18:00 with information about the coming program prizegiving etc. Finnish and English will be used for communications during the meeting, but we will try our best to provide information in other languages, too.

- Joy & fun will be arranged for kids, too. There will be also activities for the youth.

- The Flea market will be running daily, see the program.

- A lottery will be arranged. Lottery prize donations are welcome, if you have some unnecessary suitable stuff.

- For sponsors and donators, it will be also possible to place advertisements into our information / jubilee leaflet for a reasonable prices. Tell about this possibility to suitable companies, please.

- Visits to local touristic attractions will be guided and information provided. For example participants can daily visit a smith's workshop. Tuakon Takomo. Max. 10 cars will be taken there at one time. The trip includes a free road ferry crossing in Lake Saimaa.

- Other activities can include boating, canoeing, fishing, bicycling, hiking, swimming; lots to see and experience in the surroundings and the unique wilderness...

- There are at least two saunas near the waters edge. Naturally it is possible to swim in the clean lake.

- Our "Club shop" will sell t-shirts and other special gadgets of the meeting. The official logo of the meeting may not be used without written permission from the organisation.

- Electricity is NOT available to the participants. If you have urgent needs for medical purposes or such, contact the organizers. There will be a freezer to cool down your "freezer blocks".

- First aid service will be present 24 hours and there will be guarding at the camp.

- We are trying our best to establish a wireless internet connection available during the meeting and maybe some computers will be at the disposal of the participants. Our Facebook site will be open for commenting during the whole event. The mobile GSM network covers the whole area. Disable roaming in your smartphone to avoid unwanted bills because of automatic internet updates and such.

- A small Camping Shop will sell basic provisions at the meeting site. Shops are available at Sulkava village centre. Food stores are available every day of the week, Saturday and Sunday with more limited hours. Details will be published at the information booklet.

- Food portions or snacks will be served at the canteen building

- It is possible to get emergency help and a spot for technical repairs.


Raid Sätkälä
from Central Europe to Finland before the meeting 7.7.-18.7.2012

There are preliminary plans of a raid starting on 7th July from Krakow, Poland and driving through the Baltic states to Finland. The arrival in Helsinki could be on Sunday 15th July. Anyhow, the raid should work on do-it-yourself basis. The aim is just to drive to Finland in a good company getting some support from each other. We offer a route plan which participants can follow with their own timetable. We may make some reservations in advance and look up some places of interest to visit.
> Route plan and more information

The organizer of the raid is looking for a helper (let us know if interested).
Email: satkalan.sapinat at

"Slow Raid" Wanhojen Waunujen Waellus12.7.-18.7.2012
> Website opened!

A "slow-raid" approaching the meeting will be available. This raid is planned to start in Hämeenlinna and to make a short visit to Russia, Lake Ladoga area.
email: rauno.tuomainen at

4. Raid Mosquito 22.-29.7.2012.
> The website of 4th Raid Mosquito has been opened.
Make your inscription now, the number of participants is limited.

Midnight Sun Express 28.7. - 12.8.2012
This raid with French organisation will start after the Finnish meeting from Southern Sweden to the North. A few places still free.
Info: tel. +33 6 08 28 15 59,

Follow the website for more informations in near future.


Youtube video!


Youtube video!

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